Repertory of the Canadian Besner Family of French Origins
Family 06-04-01

 John Benjamin-V Besner and Harriett Ann Webster

John Benjamin-V was son of Jean-Baptiste-IV Besner alias John Benjamin-IV Besner Sr and of Clotilda Bram from the Lineage of the Besner's known as "Antoine"; born November 12,1876 in Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona; died November 17, 1950 in Globe, Gila County, Arizona, burried in Central, Graham County, AZ.; married April 18, 1904, in Solomonville, Graham County, Arizona Territory, with HARRIETT ANN WEBSTER, born May 18, 1882 in Nephi, Juab County, Utah, daughter of William Webster and Pleasant Cazier.


de John-Benjamin-IV Besner et Clotilda Bram

de Antoine-III Besner et Rose Lalonde

de Jacques-II Besner et Angélique Poirier

de Jean 1er Bézanaire et Marie-Anne Gruzelin

1- ALICE CLOTILDA-VI BESNER, born June 21, 1905 in Central, Graham County, Arizona; died July 11, 1993 in Willcox, Arizona and burried in Thatcher, Graham County, Arizona; married April 22, 1922 in Globe, Gila County, AZ with HOWARD MATHEW LACY. Had 8 girls and 2 boys. Click to go to Lineage 06, Family 04-01-01

2- WILLIAM WEBSTER-VI BESNER, born December 27, 1906 in Central, Graham County, Arizona; spouses: OPEL BELL, NAOMI RED MUSTANG, NAOMI McALISTER, DOROTHY CLAY, born September 01, 1912 in Duncan, Greenlee County, Arizona. In 2001, still living in Globe Arizona, has 1 Son.

3- JOHN BENJAMIN (the third)-VI BESNER, born October 12, 1908 in Thatcher, Graham County, Arizona; died January 4, 1986 in Sacramento, California; married March 30, 1929 in Miami, Arizona, with ANONA CLAIRE SHELBY, born January 3, 1911 in Moriarty, New Mexico; died April 18, 1996 in Paris, Arkansas, buried in Sacramento, California. Click to go to Lineage 06, Family 04-01-03

4- EDMOND CARL-VI BESNER, born in Safford, Graham County, Arizona September 9, 1910?; died August 22, 1977 in Rosenburg, Oregon, buried in Globe, AZ; married 1933 in Los Angeles, California with WILMA CATHERINE HANSEN, born in Audubon, Iowa, January 15, 1910; died March 12, 2000 in Medford, Jackson County, Oregon, buried in Eagle Point, Oregon.

5- HENRY DELOS-VI BESNER, born August 5, 1912 in Globe, AZ; died May 05, 1957 in Prescott ,AZ, buried in Globe; married September 21, 1941 in Globe, AZ with ISABEL ZIEDE, died 2000 in Phoenix, Arizona.

6- SAMUEL EDWARD-VI BESNER, born August 17, 1916 in Miami, AZ; died February 3, 1963 in Provo, Utah; married September 23, 1937 in Florence, Arizona with IRENE GIBSON, born December 14, 1917; died December 2, 2003. They are both buried in the East Lawn Memorial Hills, Provo, Utah, USA. Click to go to Lineage 06, Family 04-01-06

7- HARRIET LOIS-VI BESNER, born January 28, 1919 in Midland City, Gila County, Arizona; married July 3, 1936 in Globe, AZ with SELMON HUFFAKER, Click to go to Lineage 06, Family 04-01-07

8- LENNA MAE-VI BESNER, born April 5, 1927 in Midland City, Gila County, Arizona; died February 27, 2001 in Globe, AZ; spouses: CECIL DRENNAN, CECIL NELSON, LEROY BISHOP.

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